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A blocked or clogged drain can cause a backup in your pipes, which in turn can lead to flooding. Johnny Rooter Plumbing Inc ensures your drains are in proper working condition.

Clearing your drains for proper flow

Taking care of your plumbing needs

  • Toilet repairs

  • Kitchen sinks

  • Sewer line repairs

  • Septic line repairs

  • Bathroom sink drains

Rely on our experienced and knowledgeable team to provide you with top-notch and dependable drain cleaning services.

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Effective drain cleaning for proper plumbing flow

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We are a family owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience and knowledge to handle any job.

  • Floor drains

  • Storm drains

  • Laundry drains

  • Bathtub drains

  • Garbage disposal repair and replacement

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